[ejabberd] hook roster_get in own mod_roster

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Thu May 28 23:55:19 MSD 2009


without knowing the inner workings of how ejabberd
handles clients that have not sent initial presence,
here is some usecases where i would not need a

i can see where i use jabber for notification only.
i log in to the server, subscribe to some nodes and
get items that are published back. this would of course
mean that the nodes are not configured for "presence
based delivery"

realtime services
i log in to the jabberserver and send some iq-stanza
somewhere that (for a stupid example) sends me back
the current time in china as a iq-result-stanza.

also, while i need to send a presence-stanza to join
a MUC room, there still is no need to request the
roster. so it could be interesting to do even for

even though i understand the caching idea behind
fetching it on session creation i think it could be
"more efficient" when being called on the announcement
of the client that it wants to do something with it's
roster, which would be:

<iq from='juliet at example.com/balcony' type='get' id='roster_1'>
  <query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/>

and in fact the RFC even states:

Upon connecting to the server and becoming an active resource, a 
client SHOULD request the roster before sending initial presence 
(however, because receiving the roster may not be desirable for all 
resources, e.g., a connection with limited bandwidth, the client's 
request for the roster is OPTIONAL).

stephan maihoefer

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Jack Moffitt wrote:

> Perhaps not in normal chat use cases, but plenty of people are doing
> this.
> I'm +1 that the roster fetches should be done on initial presence.

My question was much more to get informatin about the real life use
cases to see how general this need is.

Mickaël Rémond
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