[ejabberd] hook roster_get in own mod_roster

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Fri May 29 09:40:34 MSD 2009


For this use case, the user does not even have to have a roster at  
all. In the use case you mention (non chat System), we can deploy a  
roster module that return empty roster, or simply disable the roster  

What you propose cannot work because a user can send its presence  
before retrieving the roster (or require the roster at any time during  
the session.

Mickaël Rémond

Le 28 mai 09 à 21:55, Stephan Maihöfer <sma at turtle-entertainment.de>  
a écrit :

> hi,
> without knowing the inner workings of how ejabberd
> handles clients that have not sent initial presence,
> here is some usecases where i would not need a
> roster:
> pubsub
> i can see where i use jabber for notification only.
> i log in to the server, subscribe to some nodes and
> get items that are published back. this would of course
> mean that the nodes are not configured for "presence
> based delivery"
> realtime services
> i log in to the jabberserver and send some iq-stanza
> somewhere that (for a stupid example) sends me back
> the current time in china as a iq-result-stanza.
> also, while i need to send a presence-stanza to join
> a MUC room, there still is no need to request the
> roster. so it could be interesting to do even for
> "muc-only-clients".
> even though i understand the caching idea behind
> fetching it on session creation i think it could be
> "more efficient" when being called on the announcement
> of the client that it wants to do something with it's
> roster, which would be:
> <iq from='juliet at example.com/balcony' type='get' id='roster_1'>
>  <query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/>
> </iq>
> and in fact the RFC even states:
> Upon connecting to the server and becoming an active resource, a
> client SHOULD request the roster before sending initial presence
> (however, because receiving the roster may not be desirable for all
> resources, e.g., a connection with limited bandwidth, the client's
> request for the roster is OPTIONAL).
> greetings,
> stephan maihoefer
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> Hello,
> Jack Moffitt wrote:
>> Perhaps not in normal chat use cases, but plenty of people are doing
>> this.
>> I'm +1 that the roster fetches should be done on initial presence.
> My question was much more to get informatin about the real life use
> cases to see how general this need is.
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