[ejabberd] Alternate authentication for BOSH clients?

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Sat May 30 00:55:56 MSD 2009

Arne Claassen wrote:
> I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but i'm looking into 
> automatically logging users on our site into the our ejabberd server 
> when they visit a page using a bosh client. I have an authenticated 
> session in the browser and know their user name and jid, but i don't 
> want to have a non-secure web page deliver the password to the bosh 
> component for login. I'd prefer to let it either use a one-time key or 
> pass on the web session key. But at the same time, users should still be 
> able to log in with an Xmpp Client and their user/pass. Is there a hook 
> in ejabberd for that can either call a webservice for authentication, or 
> do i need a custom module? I figure others using ejabberd for presence 
> on their website must have run into this before. Any pointers would be 
> appreciated.

We faced a similar problem.  We still don't have our web-based jabber 
client deployed, but we did get the authentication issue mostly resolved.

We have a Web SSO that was built in house.  To get the SSO working with 
webmail, some of our folks had already written a system where the SSO 
would generate a short-lived password.  They'd already written a pam 
module that they installed on the IMAP server to make everything work.

We adjusted this so our web client grabs the short-time pasword from the 
web-sso and passes that password on to ejabberd.  We were already doing 
PAM authenticate with ejabberd, so it was easy to modify to use the 
other pam module as well.

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