[ejabberd] Alternate authentication for BOSH clients?

Arne Claassen arne at getorganyzd.com
Sat May 30 02:10:54 MSD 2009

Perfect. I was planning on using Strophe anyhow. Will investigate this  
option. Seems like the cleanest way to go since it happens without the  
xmpp server ever having to deal with different authentications.


On May 29, 2009, at 2:00 PM, Pradeep Elankumaran wrote:

> Arne,
> You would pre-authenticate in your web application's code, then pass
> in variables to your html templates.
> Jack Moffit has a nice write-up about this:
> http://metajack.im/2008/10/03/getting-attached-to-strophe/
> Also, if you're using Rails, you should use ruby_bosh
> http://github.com/skyfallsin/ruby_bosh/tree/master
> Hope this helps.
> - Pradeep
> On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 1:42 PM, Arne Claassen  
> <arne at getorganyzd.com> wrote:
>> I'm sorry if this has been covered before, but i'm looking into
>> automatically logging users on our site into the our ejabberd  
>> server when
>> they visit a page using a bosh client. I have an authenticated  
>> session in
>> the browser and know their user name and jid, but i don't want to  
>> have a
>> non-secure web page deliver the password to the bosh component for  
>> login.
>> I'd prefer to let it either use a one-time key or pass on the web  
>> session
>> key. But at the same time, users should still be able to log in  
>> with an Xmpp
>> Client and their user/pass. Is there a hook in ejabberd for that  
>> can either
>> call a webservice for authentication, or do i need a custom module?  
>> I figure
>> others using ejabberd for presence on their website must have run  
>> into this
>> before. Any pointers would be appreciated.
>> arne
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