[ejabberd] fbsd tuning help for ejabberd 2.1.0-rc2

Jan Koum jan.koum at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 12:42:35 MSK 2009

good evening,

i am trying to do some network/memory tuning for the fbsd 7.2 64bit server
running ejabberd 2.1.0-rc2

the only specific problem i am having difficulty with is increasing tcp
listen max queue len for the ejabberd:

$ netstat -anL
Current listen queue sizes (qlen/incqlen/maxqlen)
Proto Listen         Local Address
tcp4  0/0/5          *.5222
tcp4  0/0/128        *.22
tcp4  0/0/1024       *.443
tcp4  0/0/128        *.62883
tcp4  0/0/128        *.4369

as you can see, lighttpd is at 1024, sshd and epmd are at 128 but
beam/ejabberd on port 5222 is at 5.  how can i change that value?  i looked
at "backlog" option which was added in 2.1.0-rc1 but documentation states it
is only for ejabberd_listener:

   - New option backlog for ejabberd_listener to increase TCP backlog.

is there any way i can force ejabberd_c2s to use a custom backlog value?

my other settings are:

$ cat /etc/sysctl.conf
# bump downto 16K sicne xmpp packets are usually small

$ cat /boot/loader.conf
kern.maxdsiz="2073741824"    # 2GB for ejabberd
kern.dfldsiz="2073741824"    # 2GB for ejabberd

also, anything i need to do in order to make ejabberd start using all 2GB?
right now it is using 1.5GB max and won't get past that.

$ ps -a -o rss -o vsize -o comm -x | grep beam
1567108 1584916 beam

$ sysctl kern.maxdsiz kern.dfldsiz
kern.maxdsiz: 2073741824
kern.dfldsiz: 2073741824


-- yan
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