[ejabberd] s2s connection problems - remote-host-not-found

Shantanu Pavgi pavgi at uab.edu
Mon Nov 9 23:59:41 MSK 2009


I am unable to establish s2s connection between two ejabberd test  
installations. I am getting remote host not found error. Both servers  
can ping to each other, but host command fails. (I don't have entries  
in the nameserver, but I have put domain-ip entries in the /etc/hosts  

When I send request from buddy request from user at ejabberd2 to  
user at ejabberd1 then I see following in the logs of ejabberd1: http://pastie.org/689396 
  . I don't see any logs in the ejabberd2 though. I have read http://www.ejabberd.im/fix-dns-srv 
  and related threads, but I am not sure what is wrong in my  

Following are my conf details:

1. /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.               localhost.localdomain localhost
::1             localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 ejabberd1.lab.ac.uab.edu ejabberd1 ejabberd2.lab.ac.uab.edu ejabberd2 ejabberd3.lab.ac.uab.edu ejabberd3

2.  /etc/ejabberd/inetrc
{host,{127,0,0,1}, ["localhost","hostalias"]}.
{file, resolv, "/etc/resolv.conf"}.

3.  /etc/resolv.conf
search lab.ac.uab.edu

Are there any prerequisite steps to follow before starting s2s  
connections? Any help on debugging would be really helpful.


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