[ejabberd] Account setup

Pablo Polvorin pablo.polvorin at process-one.net
Thu Nov 12 20:27:21 MSK 2009

Hi, you can do it from inside ejabberd,  you need to write a module
and register to the
'register_user'  hook.
Ejabberd will call your registered callback with two parameters: the
new username registered, and the domain.
You can perform initial account setup there.

Or, if you prefer,  send that "event" to an external bot to make the
configuration from outside. But as you say, for managing PEP nodes
from outside you probably need to be logged in as the desired user.

2009/11/11 Theo Cushion <theo at jivatechnology.com>:
> Hi
> I'm implementing a service based on Jabber and need to perform some basic
> setup for new user accounts (configuring various PEP nodes). What is the
> recommended way to deal with this? I could alter their password, login with
> a bot and make the adjustments, then reset the password. However, this seems
> clunky. How are other people dealing with this issue?
> Thanks
> Theo
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Pablo Polvorin

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