[ejabberd] Q about crash reporting and offline msgs

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 13:20:51 MSK 2009

2009/11/10 Jan Koum <jan.koum at gmail.com>:
> hey there,
> first of all, i moved the ejabberd-2.0.5 server from old slow hardware
> (celeron, 2G RAM) and old OS (Linux 2.4) to new hardware (Xeon 2.66GHz, 8G
> RAM) and new OS (FreeBSD 7.2 64bit) running 2.1.0-rc and the server is
> running at 96% idle.  this is simply mind blowing how little CPU ejabberd
> takes on the new machine.  it is eating up some more memory, since more is
> available, but thats OK.
> i also have two questions:
> 1. my offline_msg.DAT file is at 45MB, but most users retrieve their offline
> messages.

You can see how many offline message are stored. In WebAdmin go to:
Nodes -> your node -> database -> look the numbers of table offline_msg

Maybe you have a small set of users abusing the feature?
Setup the max_offline option access_max_user_messages.
Then delete messages older than 30 days using the ejabberdctl command.

Currently there isn't any way to see
"what are the top-10 users with more offline messages?"

>  do offline messages not get get deleted automatically after they
> are retrieved?

They are deleted. You can verify it works correctly:
1. Create a dummy account
2. Send messages to that account.
3. Verify in the ejabberd WebAdmin that the messages are stored offline.
  It's in: vhosts -> your vhost -> users -> the dummy user --> the
offline messages number
4. Login to that dummy account, you'll get the offline messages.
5. Now go back to WebAdmin, and check if the message were removed.

>  do i need to run 'ejabberdctl delete_expired_messages' to
> delete messages which already got retrieved from the server?

Not needed. In fact 'expired' refers to a different concept than 'retrieved'.

>  i just dont
> want messages which were not retrieved to get deleted and
> delete_expired_messages is a bit unclear on what it defines as "expired"

Looking at the code, it deletes messages that provided a time
qualified by jabber:x:expire, and that time has already passed. Now I
can't find any protocol that refers to that namespace, it seems from
an old deprecated XEP.

> 2. every since moving to a new server, 2.1.0-rc2 generated a few .crash
> files.  should i send some to somebody to look at?  if so, whom?
> thanks,
> -- yan
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