[ejabberd] Changes in ejabberd SVN, exmpp requirement, Erlang/OTP support

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 19:59:26 MSD 2009


Two changes were done today in ejabberd SVN.
The ejabberd 2.1.x codebase gets its own branch
and trunk now hosts the road-to-exmpp codebase:
* trunk content is moved to branches/ejabberd-2.1.x/ for 2.1.0, 2.1.1, ...
* branches/road-to-exmpp/ content is moved to trunk/ for 3.0.0, ...

Until now, we had a very stable trunk because
it hosted the long-running well-tested 2.x codebase.
But now trunk has the code of road-to-exmpp,
which is still in heavy development and
not yet recommended for usage in production servers.

So, if you are an administrator and you were following trunk,
please continue from now in branches/ejabberd-2.1.x
until trunk can be considered suitable also for common-day usage.

If you are primarily interested in development or testing,
you can jump to the new trunk.

Also, now trunk uses the exmpp library for parsing stanzas, etc.
This means for running ejabberd trunk you need to install exmpp:

I also take the opportunity to summarize the ejabberd versions and
what Erlang/OTP versions do they support:
ejabberd 2.0.x: R10B-9 up to R12B-5.
ejabberd 2.1.x: R10B-9 up to R12B-5, and any new R13B.
ejabberd 3.0.x: R12B-4, R12B-5, and any new R13B.


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