[ejabberd] resending authorization problem?

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Oct 22 22:22:27 MSD 2009

using ejabberd 2.0.5

   UserA "removes authorization from" UserB
     both users are using Psi v0.13
     both users have enabled the "auto-authorize contacts" option
     both users are online

   UserA sees "subscription: to" for UserB, and is still able to see 
UserB's status in roster
   UserB sees "Subscription: from" for UserA, and is not able to see 
UserA's status in roster

   UserA can't fix the problem by "rerequesting authorization from" 
UserB (expected)
   UserA can't fix the problem by "resending authorization to" UserB 
(not expected)
   UserA can fix the problem by removing UserB from roster and adding 
UserB back again
   UserB can't fix the problem by "resending authorization to" UserA 
   UserB can fix the problem by "rerequesting authorization from" UserA 

So, if I understand how this is supposed to work, I think there is a 
problem with "resending authorization to" in this case.

I have XML consoles open for both users.  I can see the presence XML 
stanza being sent by UserA, but UserB's client never received it. 
Actually, just to be thorough in case I'm mixing up resending and 
rerequesting, both types of presence packets are not received by UserB.

Is ejabberd preventing the presence packets in this situation?

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