[ejabberd] best way to upgrade and move user data?

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 14:33:46 MSD 2009

2009/8/30 Jan Koum <jan.koum at gmail.com>:
> if i want to upgrade from ejabberd-2.1.0_beta1 to ejabberd-2.1.0_betaN (or
> ejabberd-2.1.N in the future), what is the best way to do it?  right now i
> am running the server out of my home dir:
> /home/$HOME/ejabberd-2.1.0_beta1/database/ejabberd at localhost
> it seems like i have two ways to do the upgrade:
> 1. via 'dump/load' -- install ejabberd-2.1.0_betaN into
> /home/$HOME/ejabberd-2.1.0_betaN and copy conf/* files from old install dir
> followed by 'bin/ejabberdctl dump /tmp/x' from old server and
> 'bin/ejabberdctl load /tmp/x' into new server
> 2. via db files copy: install ejabberd-2.1.0_betaN into
> /home/$HOME/ejabberd-2.1.0_betaN and copy conf/* files in addition to
> /.../database/ejabberd at localhost/* files
> i haven't tried either method yet, wanted to check here first.

Both methods fulfill the requirement, but the 1.st is harder for you.
So the 2.nd is "better", right?

Note that when ejabberd is installed from source code or using an OS
package (Debian, Gentoo), the 2.nd way is implicitely used. They
behave as if you:
1) install in $HOME/ejabberd/
2) uninstall keeping database spool dir, config files, and log files
3) install new version again in $HOME/ejabberd/


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