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This is not a direct response but definitely related to the original posters questions.

We're a small to medium sized company and want to be able to auto assign users into different shared rosters by AD groups.  I've looked at shared roster ldap but from what I've seen it's not officially supported.

What could I do to get this accomplished.  

Any ideas?

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Stephen Nelson-Smith wrote:

> 1) Is it possible to pre-allocate contacts to each user, so they don't
> have to go through the tedious manual process of adding and
> authorising each other?
Look at "add-rosteritem" command of ejabberdctl.

But it seems that what you really want is shared rosters, which allow 
you to formally specify who sees who, and also allow to do the simplest 
"all see all".

> 2) How does multi-user-chat work?  Do I need a client that supports
> it?  My users mostly use pidgin or adium.
MUC works by joining the room; the first user entering the room, creates 
it and becomes its administrator (this can be changed in the mod_muc 
config, IIRC). The MUC rooms are identified by JIDs in which the node 
part is the room name and the server part is the name of the MUC 
service, usually it's conference.your_xmpp.domain.

After joining a room, a  user with admin privileges (owners and admins) 
can configure the room and, among other things, make it persistent -- 
persistent rooms do not get automatically destroyed when the last user 
quits, this can be useful for organizing well-known rooms.

The list of all rooms you can get from the service discovery on the MUC 

Pidgin and Adium support MUC, but if you want to be sure you can have 
all possible control of your rooms for administrative purposes, consider 
using "real" XMPP client such as Psi, Gajim or Tkabber.
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