[ejabberd] ACLs for PubSub publishing

Aurélien Bompard aurelien.bompard at c-s.fr
Mon Sep 7 19:05:46 MSD 2009

Hi *,

I'm using eJabberd in a project, and I was wondering about the scope of 
the PubSub ACLs. I've seen that it's possible to set ACLs on node 
creation in the conf file, but it looks like only the node creator is 
allowed to publish.
I'd like to create a node where other XMPP accounts would be allowed to 
publish. Looking at the list archives, I found this message where 
Christophe described a way to do that by modifying the source code : 

Since this was one and a half year ago, has the situation changed now ? 
Is it possible to do it by configuration ? Maybe by configuring the node 
via a PubSub request ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Aurélien Bompard
Tél : +33 1 41 28 44 33

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