[ejabberd] Performance of ejabberd's BOSH

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Tue Sep 8 17:45:57 MSD 2009

here is some considerations on ejabberd and bosh:
  (read the comments as well)
in general i can tell you that session establishment is expensive,
the rest not so much. so try to not get everyone onto the server
at the same time.


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	Hi All:
	    I am in the beginning phases of having to performance test the BOSH implementation in ejabberd and was wondering if anyone in the mail list has done this before. 
	If so, are there existing any bosh performance test result/report.  I have done some searching in the webside of ejabberd and maillist but have found nothing.
	And today afternoon we put 1000 users login the server through BOSH implementation at one time, but found that the server's CPU and Memory usage are very high, from the monitor we can see that "1419m 1.0g 3436 S  101 26.0   4:21.52 beam.smp", It's around 1G memory and 100% CPU had been used by beam.smp, now it's 1000 users connected only. I don't know whether any configuration part is correct or not. Does anybody can give me any suggestion? 

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