[ejabberd] Performance of ejabberd's BOSH

Carlos Abalde carlos.abalde at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 23:26:06 MSD 2009

>   http://dev.esl.eu/blog/2009/05/05/benchmarking-bosh-services/
>   (read the comments as well)

After extensive testing (I'm one of the commentators in the previous
post) I using ejabberd with the built-in BOSH connection manager. It's
true that it consumes a  good amount of memory, but definitively is the
best and most scalable option. I have made several modification to he
base implementation to save some memory, but are too specific to our
environment and are not generally reusable.

As Badlop suggested I would recommend you using the new http-bind
implementation in ejabberd. I've been checking it a few days ago and it
does a much more wise handling of in-coming/out-coming XML messages. I
also recommend you compare memory consumption with and withoy BOSH
(5222). Memory consumptions depends a lot of your test (rostes sizes,
message rates, etc.). Of coure, don't forget enabling smp, kernel poll
and son on.


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