[ejabberd] Performance of ejabberd's BOSH

Charles zcongwei at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 06:34:43 MSD 2009

Thanks very much for your information.
>From the test result of Mr steam and carlos, the memory consumption seems
also very expensive.


2009/9/8 Stephan Maihöfer <sma at turtle-entertainment.de>

>  hi,
> here is some considerations on ejabberd and bosh:
>   http://dev.esl.eu/blog/2009/05/05/benchmarking-bosh-services/
>   (read the comments as well)
> in general i can tell you that session establishment is expensive,
> the rest not so much. so try to not get everyone onto the server
> at the same time.
> greetings,
> stephan
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>   Hi All:
>     I am in the beginning phases of having to performance test the BOSH
> implementation in ejabberd and was wondering if anyone in the mail list has
> done this before.
> If so, are there existing any bosh performance test result/report.  I have
> done some searching in the webside of ejabberd and maillist but have found
> nothing.
> And today afternoon we put 1000 users login the server through BOSH
> implementation at one time, but found that the server's CPU and Memory usage
> are very high, from the monitor we can see that "1419m 1.0g 3436 S  101
> 26.0   4:21.52 beam.smp", It's around 1G memory and 100% CPU had been used
> by beam.smp, now it's 1000 users connected only. I don't know whether any
> configuration part is correct or not. Does anybody can give me any
> suggestion?
> Thanks
> Charles
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