[ejabberd] New user workflow

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 22:19:30 MSD 2009

2009/9/11 Stephen Nelson-Smith <sanelson at gmail.com>:
> What process should I go through to ensure that new users get on and
> use the global shared roster?

I imagine the shared roster has as special member: @all@
And all the users you mention are in the virtual host where you
created that shared roster group.

> Here's what I did:
> 1) Create new user via web interface
> 2) Set password
> 3) Restart my own XMPP client - I could now see the new user in offline users.
> 4) Connected new user to the jabber server - he can't see roster
> users, other users see him offline.
> What should I do?

Relogin in the server should be enough, as you expected.
So after step 4 the new user should see everybody else of the
virtualhost, as you got in step 3.

In step 4, try to use a popular desktop client (Psi, Gajim, Tkabber, ...).

Maybe your problem is similar to the one described today by Florian
Hackenberger in the message: [ejabberd] Shared Roster


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