[ejabberd] Shared Roster

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at chello.at
Mon Sep 14 11:45:52 MSD 2009

On Saturday 12 September 2009, Badlop wrote:
> 2009/9/12 Florian Hackenberger <f.hackenberger at chello.at>:
> > Concerning the shared roster support [1], does that feature require
> > special support from the XMPP client?
> Nothing really special. Reading the code: when the client queries to
> get the roster [1], ejabberd sends him the roster constructed by
> concatenating the account stored roster and the corresponding shared
> rosters.

I think I found the problem. Initially I added the shared group using 
the Web UI, then started pidgin and got the shared group. In order to 
automate things a bit, I wrote a few puppet [1] rules to create the 
shared group on the command line. Basically:

$ sudo -u ejabberd ejabberdctl srg-create everybody localhost everybody 
everybody everybody
$ sudo -u ejabberd ejabberdctl srg-user-add @all '' everybody localhost

Then I tried to use it from my smack based client and it failed. I just 
never restarted pidgin and therefore did not notice that the shared 
group simply vanished. As soon as I recreated the group using the web 
UI, everything was fine again.

My conclusion is that srg-user-add is buggy, or simply does not support 
adding the '@all@' user to the group. The invocation of srg-user-add 
above results in '@all@' being displayed in the web UI shared roster 
details, but the group does not work as expected.

Shall I file a bug report?


[1] http://reductivelabs.com/products/puppet/

DI Florian Hackenberger
florian at hackenberger.at

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