[ejabberd] User management from external component

Greg Campbell gtcampbell at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 01:48:16 MSD 2009

Hello all,

My application has an external component (written in Ruby, but I don't think
that aspect of it should be relevant to this question) which needs to
perform user-management functions in an automated fashion (register,
unregister, change password).  Currently, I do so via the XMPP 0133 (Service
Administration) functionality, but I was wondering if there's a simpler way
to do it, as that appears to be geared toward rendering administration forms
in XMPP GUI clients (form fields, sessionid, etc.).  Is there any way to
administer users through, for example, a single <iq type="set" /> that does
the equivalent of "ejabberdctl register user server password" on the command

Greg Campbell
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