[ejabberd] strange registration error

Jan Koum jan.koum at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 06:42:15 MSD 2009

hi there,

in most cases when user with the same name re-registers (which our custom
software allows and gracefully fails), we get a "normal" error like:

17/Sep/2009:19:35:22 SOFTFAIL command:
[/home/jkoum/ejabberd-2.1.0_beta1/bin/ejabberdctl register xxx
s.example.netyyy] return: 1 User
xxx at s.example.net already registered at node ejabberd at localhost

and sometimes we get a nasty scary error like:

17/Sep/2009:15:27:36 HARDFAIL command:
[/home/jkoum/ejabberd-2.1.0_beta1/bin/ejabberdctl register xxx
s.example.netyyy] return: 1
{error_logger,{{2009,9,17},{15,27,33}},"Protocol: ~p:
register error:

while end result is the same, i am curious if this different behavior is
normal or is this some bug we are triggering?

-- yan
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