[ejabberd] Audit

Augustine Ike augustineike at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 09:22:33 MSD 2009


See my settings below:
  {mod_muc,      [
                  {host, "conference. at HOST@"},
                  {access, muc},
                     {logging, true}
                  {access_create, muc_admin},
                  {access_persistent, muc_admin},
                  {access_admin, muc_admin},
                  {history_size, 50},
                  {max_user_conferences, 20},
                  {max_users, 500}
                   {access_log, muc},
                   {cssfile, false},
                   {dirtype, plain},
                   {outdir, "/var/www/muclogs/"},
                   {timezone, universal}
I changed my defaults to store in plain text. The ejabberd's default is HTML.
Things to note.
a. Make sure the directory where the logs will reside has read, write
access. This messed me up for almost 3 weeks before I found it out.
Thanks to the forum too.
b. I found out that creating a user on the system "i.e jabber admin"
was also very helpful.


2009/9/23 Márcio Luciano Donada <mdonada at auroraalimentos.com.br>:
> Hi People,
>  I want to enable logging of any message that is exchanged, someone can
> help me achieve this configuration?
> --
> Márcio Luciano Donada <mdonada at auroraalimentos dot com dot br>
> Aurora Alimentos - Cooperativa Central Oeste Catarinense
> Departamento de T.I.
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