[ejabberd] ejabberd crashes without any comment

defa defa at systemli.org
Tue Sep 29 11:46:34 MSD 2009

Konstantin Portsmouths wrote:

>>>>> I am running an ejabberd on an debian lenny with the following 
>>>>> packages installed:
>>>>> mysql-server-5.0/lenny uptodate 5.0.51a-24+lenny2 and mysql-db user 
>>>>> backend
>>>>> Since a few days I experience random crashes of the server leaving 
>>>>> behind nothing but an erl_crash.dump file in /var/log/ejabberd.
>>>>> The logfiles say nothing abnormal or reproducible - they just stop.
>> I _might_ have found the solution. It seems the reason for the crashed 
>> was an outdated mysql.beam file since mysql was updated before the 
>> crashes occurred. I am not sure at all about this. Any experiences 
>> here - could that be a reason?
> If you also upgraded the Erlang/OTP version, then this might be the case 
> as Erlang VMs are not necessarily backwards compatible.
> So try to recompile this module with the installed version of Erlang 
> compiler.

So it's me again. I am a little desperate by now. My guess to blame the 
erlang-mysql interface was not successful. I recompiled it but the 
server kept crashing irregularly. We finally did our last shot to blame 
the virtual machine and/or hardware the server was running on. So we 
rebuild the whole server using FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3 and erlang, 
ejabberd, mysql from the current ports tree.
After running for a few ours the same behavior started all over. Server 
crashing with erlang dump no logfiles.
We assume there might be a bug in erlang-mysql vs. the latest mysql-5.0 

I'd absolutely appreciate every help or suggestion what to do or how to 
debug. The server is an privately run machine but has about 500 active 
users who are getting upset and we don't know what to do and what to 
look for anymore.


P.S.: We are not sure - but their might be an correlation between the 
latest mysql-50 release and the start of the odd behavior.

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