[ejabberd] The strange useless loop in ejabberd_app.erl

Xi Liu jason.liuxi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 04:46:13 MSD 2010

I think you are right about the loop aimed not terminating the process.
But this port is not used anywhere else, When ejabberd_c2s needs a port to
handle xml, it opens a new port.
So i think this loop is actually userd for keep the ejabberd process
unterminated, but its real purpose is to maintain the effect of this code:
erl_ddll:load_driver() which loads expat and tls.As soon as this process is
terminated, you can not open_port these 2 drivers elsewhere.
and the Port parameter seems unneccesary.commet the parameter it still
works, it's just the coding style Alexey used I guess.
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