[ejabberd] c2c connections in cluster (basically cluster2cluster)

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Mon Apr 12 15:47:18 MSD 2010


a question for my understanding:

how would you guys set up a ejabberd-cluster that is connected
to another cluster via s2s connections effectively using
loadbalancing and everything. for our current setup we
have one cluster serving roster, presence and pubsub and
one other for muc. these are interconnected using s2s.

there are two hostnames "jabber.example.com" and
"muc.example.com" which both point to a loadbalancer
that balances single connections to the "alive" nodes
of the corresponding cluster. now here is the twist:

it seems that a s2s connection basically always is a
steady "line" between two nodes of the cluster, for example
node1 on the jabber-cluster and node4 on the muc-cluster.
this does not really scale very well since it means that all
the "s2s"-load will have to be handled by the two connected
nodes. if one of the nodes goes down the connection is lost.
and furthermore this gives me some "insight" into the 
workings of the jabber-cluster on the other site and i also
depend on _one_ node of the cluster workign instead of
the whole cluster being intact.

it seems to me that i either am missing something or
i need some kind of proxy here between the loadbalancer
and the cluster itself, would that work? does that
exist? how do you do cluster2cluster?

any hints and tips would be appreciated.

thanks in advance,

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