[ejabberd] ejabberd server eating memory over time

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Fri Apr 16 15:20:33 MSD 2010

hi there,

we are currently investigating instabilities on out cluster and
we observe the following behaviour on one of our servers in
the last few weeks:


out setup is as follows:

* 2 machines that have a harddisk and have all the databases as "ram & disk copy"
* 4 machines that run from a ramdisk and have all the databases as "ram only copy"

the machine we observe this pattern is one of the two with a harddisk
and actually the one that "initially created" the database back when
we set up the cluster.

now it looks like it eats itself full of data and then needs to be
rebooted, which puts a stability constraint on out cluster.

is there anyone with an idea what this could be?

thanks in advance,

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