[ejabberd] PubSub subscription problem

Boris Okner boris.okner at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 08:38:46 MSD 2010

Hi all,

This problem seems to appear when I switched from 2.1.1 to 2.1.3.

The node is created as a leaf, using . When I request a subscription from
the account that is not an owner, I receive back a normal confirmation (i.e.
"subscribed" along with SubId). Then it notifies about updates with

<message xmlns="jabber:client" from="pubsub.vroc.local"
to="dummy at users.local/25353072781271737576681426" type="headline"><event
node="feeds.Temperature.sensor1.devices"><item id="Temperature"><entry

So SHIM header doesn't have SubId anymore, compared to 2.1.1. Why collection
SHIM? The feeds.Temperature.sensor1.devices node is NOT a collection,
disco#info reports "type=leaf" for it. Having SubId is critical to be able
to filter out noise possibly coming as a result of orphaned subscriptions.
Please help!

Thank you,
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