[ejabberd] trouble setting up anonymous login support

sofia cardita sofiacardita at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 05:37:05 MSD 2010

Hi Badlop,

>> So in ejabberd.cfg I have the following:
>> {hosts, ["thisislove-MacBook-2.local"]}.

>> {host_config, "thisislove-MacBook-2.local", [
>>                               {auth_method, [internal, anonymous]},
>>                               {allow_multiple_connections, false},
>>                               {anonymous_protocol, both}]}.

>You discovered a bug in host_config option, or maybe in the anonymous code:
>it doesn't treat the domain as case insensitive.

>A quick solution is to put the domain name in lowercase:
> {host_config, "thisislove-macbook-2.local", [
>I'll report this problem to the ejabberd bug tracker.

actually, the problem was a wrong configuration, i had
{auth_method, internal}.  and {access, muc_create, [{allow, local}]}.
instead of {auth_method, [internal, anonymous]}. and {access, muc_create,
[{allow, all}]}.

right now in my mac it's working even with the mixed case domain


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