[ejabberd] default privacy list problem

Alexander Zhukov zuav at yandex.ru
Thu Apr 22 16:23:33 MSD 2010

Thank you for your reply.

>>>>> Badlop  (B) writes:
 B> 2010/4/22 Alexander Zhukov <zuav at yandex.ru>:
 >>  user sets the list as the default list;
 >> The list gets activated only after the user reconnects to the
 >> server.
 >> As far as I can understood RFC the list should be activated
 >> immediately after respective command. There is no active lists nor
 >> other sessions on the server.

 B> default /= active

I know.

 B> Example: try with Psi 0.13 or newer After login, find deep in its
 B> GUI the advanced privacy editor and: - click: New List - set the
 B> list name - add a rule - click: Apply - select that list in: Active
 B> List

I was speaking about Default List, not Active lists, sorry ;)

 B> The rules in that list become effective immediately. I've tested
 B> with ejabberd 2.1.3.

 B> Notice that the Psi dialog says explicitly:

 >> Active list (current session): Default list (all sessions):

I have a Debian Lenny and Psi 0.11.
With this version I created new list, made it default and it does not
become effective immediately.

Alexander Zhukov

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