[ejabberd] cannot register new users

sofia cardita sofiacardita at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 03:42:19 MSD 2010


I can't register new users in ejabberd.. If i run

sudo ./ejabberdctl register testadmin domain.com pass

I get

Can't register user testadmin@ domain.com at node ejabberd at localhost:
=INFO REPORT==== 25-Apr-2010::00:37:51 ===
D(<4837.388.0>:ejabberd_commands:314) : Executing command
ejabberd_admin:register with Args=["testadmin",


** at node ejabberd at localhost **

In ejabberd.cfg I have

%% In-band registration
{access, register, [{allow, all}]}.

{mod_register, [
  %% After successful registration, the user receives
  %% a message with this subject and body.
  {welcome_message, {"Welcome!",
     "Welcome to this Jabber server."}},

  %% When a user registers, send a notification to
  %% these Jabber accounts.
  %%{registration_watchers, ["admin1 at example.org"]},

  {access, register}

Also tried through Psi client.

Anyone know what is wrong?


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