[ejabberd] cannot register new users

Evgeniy Khramtsov xramtsov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 06:38:22 MSD 2010

sofia cardita wrote:
> Hi,
> I can't register new users in ejabberd.. If i run
> sudo ./ejabberdctl register testadmin domain.com pass
> I get
> Can't register user testadmin@ domain.com at node ejabberd at localhost:
> not_allowed

You didn't tell what database backend you are using. For example, LDAP 
and external auth don't allow to register users.
If you use sql or internal backend, make sure ejabberd is configured 
correctly and you are able to login.

Evgeniy Khramtsov, ProcessOne.
xmpp:xram at jabber.ru.

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