[ejabberd] Strange behaiviur presence round trip

Pau Freixes pfreixes at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 16:36:08 MSD 2010

Hi list,

I have a strange behaviour with a presence round trip between two
peers and subscription. New peers doesn't receive presence message
from other already exist connected peers.
Ok I could try to explain context

I has one peer called A, and currently is connected to xmpp network.
Now I create a new peer called B with ejabberdctl

ejabberdctl register B domain.com pass

Now I modified two roster of both

ejabberdctl add_rosteritem B domain.com A domain.com A peers both
ejabberdctl add_rosteritem A domain.com B domain.com B peers both

Now I connect B peer in XMPP network but this can not see the A peer
while this is already connected in xmpp network

host:# ejabberdctl connected_users
A at domain.com/test
B at domain.com/test

A peer send presence to broadcasting (without to) but ejabberd server
doesnt send presences to B peer
B peer send presence to broadcasting (wihout to) and ejabberd server
sent presense to A peer

To avoid this "unstable" state  - first sentence - i need to
disconnect peer A and connect anothertime, after this ejabberd server
begin to send presences from peer A to peer B

Somebody can help to me ?


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