[ejabberd] ODBC vs Native MySQL

Rick Moynihan rick at wgrids.com
Wed Aug 11 15:41:30 MSD 2010

Hi all,

I'm just beginning to get stuck in to ejabberd configuration and
module development.  One of our requirements (amongst others) is to
authenticate against a MySQL database.  Rather than go via an external
script, which was proving to be a little hard to administer, we've
created an ejabberd Erlang module that authenticates against our

We're currently using unixodbc for this job, but I've noticed a
comment at the end of this post which suggests that this isn't


Is this still the case?  If so

1) Why isn't odbc recommended?

2) How do I go about using the native mysql driver?

3) How do I use the native driver with ejabberd?

4) We're also considering migrating from mnesia to mysql...  Are there
any instructions on what is required to do this with the native

Many thanks,


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