[ejabberd] Hosts, LDAP, multiple domains

Take take at nerd.fi
Wed Aug 18 12:25:13 MSD 2010


I've been trying to figure out an problem (or merely an missing feature)
with our environment. Our users are in LDAP and authentication works
just fine.

We're using iredmail for user management and our users are on ldap like
mail=john.doe at example.com,ou=Users,domainName=example.com,dc=ourhost,dc=foo

Now, if I put example.com on {hosts, ["localhost"]}. -line John Doe can
login an use jabber just fine. But if I forget to add the domain in
configuration John can't access ejabberd.

So the actual question is: Is there any way I could read allowed domains
directly from LDAP? I'd be quite happy even if I could assign an
wildcard to hosts -line.


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