[ejabberd] Hosts, LDAP, multiple domains

Take take at nerd.fi
Wed Aug 18 14:41:51 MSD 2010

On 08/18/2010 01:04 PM, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> XMPP domains served by an ejabberd instance (that's what the "hosts"
> option actually defines) do not have to correlate one-to-one with LDAP
> domains or whatever. Basically, you use the ldap_uids option to define

Yes, I understand that I can run ejabberd for myhost.foo and let user
john.doe at example.com authenticate to that. But the goal here is that
john.doe at example.com could use his email address as an JID.

And when I add jane.smith at foo.bar to LDAP I'd like that she could use
her email address as an JID as well. For this (AFAIK) I have to add
example.com and foo.bar to hosts-line in configuration file and I'd like
to get rid of that and read allowed domains directly from the LDAP (or
generate an file from LDAP and include it).

So, unfortunately your reply doesn't give an solution to my problem.
Thanks anyways.


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