[ejabberd] Hosts, LDAP, multiple domains

Take take at nerd.fi
Fri Aug 20 11:38:36 MSD 2010

On 08/18/2010 02:31 PM, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
> As to "generate an file from LDAP and include it" -- you can implement
> this yourself: create a template for your config file (say, by
> replacing the hosts directive with something like

I tried to do this and ran into some problems with it. Generation itself
is the easy part, an few ugly lines of perl too care of that, so now I
have /etc/ejabberd/hosts.cfg with single line:
{hosts, ["foo", "bar" ... ]}.

And I "replaced" hosts-line on ejabberd.cfg with this:
{include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/hosts.cfg"}.

But now, for some reason, if I use that include-line my server doesn't
provide any services. I can't even add new contacts to my roster,
contacts seem to be offline (something to do with presense-service) and
generally everything besides login doesn't work.

If I remove the include_config_file -line and read contents of hosts.cfg
into ejabberd.cfg everything works just like it should. Now I'm a bit
confused about why that happens. If anyone has any ideas I'm interested,
and in the meantime I'll (re)read documentation and try to find out why
that include breaks my config.


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