[ejabberd] a few questions or feature request on ejabberd

zhong ming wu mr.z.m.wu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 05:33:16 MSK 2010

Dear List

I am an inexperienced xmpp server and ejabberd user.

If I rely on another database via external auth mechanism, what other
data (apart from jid/password information which
is stored in another database like mysql/postgresql) ejabberd is
storing in mnesia?  I am guessing that mnesia is storing
as yet undelivered message and offline messages in this case.

If I use ejabberd with odbc support then does that mean that it's not
using mnesia for any datastorage related to xmpp

I am currently successfully using external auth mechanism to query
data from a DB; that script contains a check against both
jid/password for 'auth' part and jid alone for 'isuser' part.  Given
that domain is already in the jid, why is there a need to have
"host" directive in the ejabberd.cfg.  The reason I ask is that I
would like to be able to add/delete the domains ejabberd is hosting
without having to modifying the ejabberd.cfg and then restarting the
server.  Is there a plan to have feature like
{host, ["*"]}?  Or is there way make a query to an external database
for the valid host?

Thanks for your help

Mr. Wu

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