[ejabberd] questions about anonymous users

Francesco Angi fangee at tiscali.it
Mon Dec 6 12:03:00 MSK 2010

Hello everybody,
I need some help in configuring anonymous users in ejabberd.
Here's my scenario:
- an xmpp client developed by my company accepting both registered and 
not registered users
- registered users to our application will log in into ejabberd through sasl
- not registered users can use our client too (with reduced 
functionalities) but, since I don't want they access our xmpp server 
from a third party client, I need some sort of anomymous authentication. 
What I would like to do for an anonymous user is something like:
- an anonymous user starts our client
- the client connects to the xmpp server sending a predefined password
- the user id could be generated by the client or on the fly by ejabberd 
(as it does for SASL anonymous)
Two questions arise: which is the best pattern? is there any predefined 
configuration of ejabberd I can use or I need to modify the source code?
best regards,

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