[ejabberd] gen_storage in mod_muc on 3.0

W. Andrew Loe III andrew at andrewloe.com
Fri Dec 10 00:40:39 MSK 2010

It looks like there has been some progress in abstracting the storage
layer out of mod_muc (and other modules). The init callback supplies a
default of mnesia
but can it run against odbc/mysql? I am trying to figure out the
config option to change this if that is the case.

Also, it looks like this new code has some similarities with
https://github.com/cstar/modular_muc, is that fair to say, has it been
refactored since 2.1?

I am starting on a new project that will use ejabberd, and I'd rather
start on the 3.0 branch in hopes that it is released as stable soon,
then write everything against 2.1 and have to port it all to use
exmpp. Is this a good idea, or is 3.0 still very unstable and going to
remain that way for a while.

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