[ejabberd] Ldap - long connection

Rafał Kamiński rafal.kaminski at young-internet.com
Fri Dec 10 13:47:56 MSK 2010


I've install ejabberd (Debian) configure Ldap account 
(mod_shared_roster_ldap) and vcard_ldap, but ...

when i connect to server it take so long to download all users from 
ldap. Can i make it faster then now? Because i see in log a lot of data 
are download from ldap.

My login time take about 30s.

My configure for mod_shared_roster_ldap:

     {ldap_base, "dc=firm,dc=com"},
     {ldap_rfilter, "(objectClass=firm)"},
     {ldap_groupattr, "team"},
     {ldap_memberattr, "uid"},
     {ldap_filter,  "(objectClass=firm)"},
     {ldap_userdesc, "cn"}

  {mod_vcard_ldap, [
     {auth_method, [ldap]},
         {"NICKNAME", "%s", ["cn"]},
         {"FN", "%s", ["displayName"]},
         {"EMAIL", "%s", ["mail"]},
         {"ORGNAME", "%s", ["team"]},
         {"PHOTO", "%s", ["jpegPhoto"]}

Thanks for help.



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