[ejabberd] Send packets as if they came directly from client.

William Key williamkey at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 03:44:01 MSK 2010

Hello all,

I wrote a module awhile back that allowed clients to put multiple stanzas in
an IQ stanza and the server would then
run all of those child stanzas as if they came from the client. This is used
for a very basic QoS system. Originally the
module just routed all packets as if they came from the user. This was
a naive approach as the c2s module does a lot of other
checks before it sends the packet to be routed. I was wondering if there was
an easier way to make the c2s module think the client
sends those packets so it would handle them automatically.

One thing to note: this is being used in legacy clients (100's of thousands
all active) so it is not really possible to change how it is
implemented on the client side.

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