[ejabberd] Clustering of ejabberd

Mayank mail2mayank at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 10:54:38 MSK 2010


I'm a newbie with ejabberd and very recently I tried to setup ejabberd
cluster. I've setup a node (referred to as master), registered a user there.
On remaining nodes I've setup erlang.cookie in /var/lib/ejabberd and
whenever I try "ejabberdctl registered-users mycluster" I am able to see
list of all registered users. However when I see statistics page of web
admin console, I see 0 registered users on all nodes except for master node.
Can someone please help me understand why is my setup behaving so wierd. I
doubt it has to do something with file permissions, however I'm not too sure
about it.

Thanks and regards,


Mayank Joshi

Today is tommorrow I was so worried about yesterday ...
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