[ejabberd] pubsub delivery ignores /resource

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Wed Feb 3 02:16:28 MSK 2010

>> The way I read the spec, presence-based delivery means no delivery UNLESS subscriber is online.
>Yes, but for resource based subscription, if you do not expect to deliver it to another resource in case the subscribed resource is online, it seems to me that it has to be an extension of the presence based delivery. 
>It cannot be filtered out by the client to server process, because it could be delivered to a remote server.
>The pubsub has to keep track of the presence of the resource to avoid the delivery in the case to the offline resources.
>However, I am not a pubsub expert and Christophe Romain will probably have a much better reply than me.

that's the reply i would also give.
other replies in this threads cover initial question i think.

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