[ejabberd] ejabberd high performance configuration

Karthik Kailash karthik at socialvisioninc.com
Fri Feb 5 23:34:48 MSK 2010

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> Karthik Kailash wrote:
>> Thanks for the response!  I forgot to mention in my original e-mail, are
>> there performance benefits when running ejabberd on the newer versions of
>> Erlang?  Right now I have R11B installed, but I see that it is close to 4
>> years old compared to R13B03 which is only 3-4 months old.

> The recommended version to run ejabberd is R12B-5. However, feel free to 
> use the latest R13B03 ;)
> I'd avoid using R11B because it had several stability issues (deadlocks 
> and races in SMP mode).

Cool.  I installed Erlang R12B-5 without a hitch using the following
parameters for configure:

./configure --enable-threads --enable-smp-support --enable-kernel-poll

Did I miss anything necessary for ejabberd?

Also, I am currently running ejabberd off the linux x86 installer download
from the website.  Do I need to do anything with ejabberd now that I have
upgraded erlang (get source and compile, etc.)?


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