[ejabberd] ejabberd and amnesia crashes

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 21:08:47 MSK 2010

On 9-Feb-2010, at 10:40, Fabio Ricci wrote:
> Thanks Brian, 
> so you are saying that the limit is the ports and i am going over this limit because a bug in some http module.
> is that correct?

	The bug I fixed would only be triggered if you were actually using an HTTP module with TLS enabled. If you're not doing that then the bugfix I submitted would not apply to you.

> Also, raising the max ports will solve the situation or just postpnes the jabber death?

	I couldn't tell you. If you have thousands of users connected then you could just be hitting the limit due to actual usage, in which case you need to increase the limit to support the number of users you're connecting. I did go through the TLS code in the c2s receiver and couldn't find a leak, but leaks can be notoriously hard to find by eyeballs alone, too.

	At this point I would not suspect a leak, unless there were some evidence there-of. If your service is genuinely that busy then it's probably better to just increase the max ports and keep an eye on it.


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