[ejabberd] High filesystem usage

Matias matiassurdi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 16:45:20 MSK 2010

El 10/02/10 14:20, Evgeniy Khramtsov escribió:
> Matias wrote:
>> So, it seems that something is sucking up all the space but doesn't
>> have a file descriptor on the file system, so du is not finding the file.
> I'm just wondering how it is possible. What system call allows to
> allocate empty space on the disk?

If it were a normal file, then I would say that it is just openning a 
file, writing on it, and removing the file descriptor without closing 
the file.... then the file grows and you can't see it on the filesystem 
with ls, du, etc...

But what makes me crazy, is the fact that this is happenning with a 
directory..... (I know, it is some kind of special file....)... so, I 
don't know what is happenning and how to solve it...

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