[ejabberd] mod_echo working 50% of the time.

Conor Hunt conor.hunt+ejabberd at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 18:45:31 MSK 2010

> Issue 1, google talk from what I remember doesn't like routing stanzas to any 
> which isn't in your contacts, so that can be a problem (although testing has
> previously shown that this is not ALWAYS the case, sometimes it is perfectly
> happy).

The message always makes it to the ejabberd server, so I don't think it is this. 
If you have a look at the log I pasted in the gist that is one of the messages
coming in to ejabberd that mod_echo does not respond to.

> Issue 2, why are you trying to run the mod_echo on the main domain of the
> server (mydomain.com) ? as it is a component it would make more sense to 
> run it on something like echo.mydomain.com, so your message would get 
> sent to test <at> echo.mydomain.com

I'm using mod_echo to do a proof of concept. I want to build something that
responds to every presence/message to my domain (not a subdomain), or 
drops the message, so I thought that having mod_echo repsond there was 
a good start. Is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do?

If this is a problem with mod_echo running on the root of my domain how
would I get it running on a subdomain? Is this config correct, and would I need
SRV records for the subdomain for S2S?

{loglevel, 4}.
{hosts, ["mydomain.com"]}.
  {mod_echo, [{host, "subdomain.mydomain.com"}]}



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