[ejabberd] Another BOSH binding warmer

Theo Cushion theo at jivatechnology.com
Wed Feb 17 20:47:31 MSK 2010


I've just finished my first ejabberd module 'mod_warm_bindings' - http://github.com/theoooo/mod_warm_bindings 

It is designed to allow a web service to warm BOSH bindings behind the  
scenes by making a HTTP POST.

I've borrowed heavily from the work by:

- http://github.com/thepug/Mod-Http-Pre-Bind
- http://github.com/skeltoac/http_prebind

Neither of these quite fitted my needs so I made this - and I hope it  
is useful to someone else.

I'd be interested in any comments/criticism on how I have implemented  
it - and any ideas about how I could get around the limitation of  
supplying the users password.



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