[ejabberd] xmlrpc compiled?

Liam ejabberd at networkimprov.net
Mon Jan 4 22:30:18 MSK 2010

It's disappointing that the xmlrpc components aren't distributed in a
single, compiled package...

Having installed the compiled erlang xmlrpc module, I see ejabberd_xmlrpc
isn't distributed as a .beam... Any pointers to one? Or can I compile from
WinXP command line?

There's a bin (but no ebin) directory in my WinXP ejabberd directory... Same
as ebin?

I want ANY XMLRPC client to be able to use ONLY the register command... Is
this the config for that:

  {4560, ejabberd_xmlrpc, [{access_commands, [{all, [register], []}]}]},

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