[ejabberd] Any complete docs about ejabberd module development?

Liu Xi jason.liuxi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 13:12:26 MSK 2010

Dear all,
I got a task on extending a ejabberd server to fit out specific needs.
Here is the situation, imaging a chatroom based on ejabberd, is it
possible for developing a module to perform the action like this: people
"A" speaks in the chatroom, in the usual way, that is supposed to send
to all the other fellows in the same chatroom via the server. But I want
the server to send only to some specific clients, that is to say: is it
possible for developing a module to modify the original chatroom
receivers list?
I checked the module development guide on the process-one site
but lots of API are not complete, for example, in the page of events and
hooks, only the event names are listed, nothing about when the events
will happen and what the event exactly is.
My questions:
1.Is there any complete documents about module developing?
2.Is it possible to implement the functionality I described above just
devloping modules? I mean compared to modifying the source code.

Thank you
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