[ejabberd] muc_online_room crashing cluster?

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Tue Jan 12 14:53:17 MSK 2010


additionally to that, we see the http-bind interface no
longer working when we approach that state. at this
point there is something like 7.500 sessions active.


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> hi,
> we are encountering severe problems with our ejabberd-cluster 
> setup at the moment. we are seeing that an ejabberd-node 
> crashes once it reaches 15.000 elements in the 
> muc_online_room table. that table is set to ram&disc copy and 
> has about a gigabyte in size at that moment, while each node 
> has four gigabyte of ram and thus should be abled to handle 
> this...even when holding all the data in RAM. in other 
> monitoring scripts we don't see that the nodes run agains a 
> RAM limit as well, even the load is quite ok.
> the cluster basically consists of six nodes, four of which 
> are handling connections from the outside, two of these just 
> hold the database in case other nodes go down.
> any idea on how this can happen and/or what we do wrong?
> thanks in advance,
> stephan maihöfer
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